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Oil Contents Gauges

At E. Fowler & Sons, you can find a range of oil contents gauges for all types of oil and fuel tanks.

We are certain we have the oil contents gauges suitable for your needs. We stock gauges for all types of fuel that are suitable for different tank depths. This includes oil contents gauges with wireless, ultrasonic and hydrostatic technology.

Types of Oil Contents Gauges

Sight Gauges

A sight gauge is a small tube that is at the bottom of the tank. This tube is clear and runs up the side of the tank. Normally, there will be a button that you push to open a valve, allowing fuel to travel up the tube. The oil will then level out at the same level it is at in the tank.

Float Gauges

Just as the name suggests, these oil contents gauges have a float that is connected by string to a meter on top of the tank. As the oil contents go down, the float will also go down and change the reading on the meter with the string it is attached to.

Hydrostatic Gauges

These gauges are most commonly used on commercial sites as they are more accurate and reliable. Operated by a small hand pump, these oil contents gauges measure the pressure of the fluid to calculate a reading shown as the percentage full of the tank.

Electronic Gauges

These oil contents gauges work off the same principle as hydrostatic gauges but with an electronic readout. With electronic gauges, you input the tank dimensions and it will calculate the air pressure and depth to give you an accurate reading. As well, these oil contents gauges can be wireless and connect to a computer or mobile phone.