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Fuel Polishers

E. Fowler & Sons offer fuel polisher solutions to our clients in Dublin and nationwide. Our fuel polishers implement a mechanical solution to remove sediment from fuel. This solution using advanced filtration that also removes sludge, water and microbial contamination.
Our system uses two tanks which filters the fuel from the first tank before draining it into the second. This system ensures the optimum filtered fuel is also available and avoids any downtime to equipment or vehicles.
Our fuel polisher solutions are suitable for diesel, red diesel, biodiesel and kerosene. Fuel polishing is a cost-effective and non-disruptive method of ensuring the best fuel is always available and used.

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The Specifications of our Fuel Polishers

  • Compact, weatherproof stainless steel cabinet
  • Size can be built to customer specifications
  • Designed to remove contaminants like particles and water
  • Full, single optimal pass filtration
  • Pump Protection
  • Pressure gauge indicator for necessary filter element change out
  • Check valves
  • Electric Control Panel

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Fuel Polishers FAQ

  • Will using a fuel polisher disrupt my business?

    No, fuel polishers will not disrupt your business. Fuel always remains in the tank, allowing vehicles and equipment to run unimpeded. The fuel polisher system filters out pollutants like sediment, water, etc.

  • What are the advantages of having a fuel polishing system?

    Reduced Costs: Normally when fuel is contaminated it needs to be replaced, so the business owner incurs the replacement cost. In contrast, a polishing system removes contaminants from the fuel meaning, the fuel can be used without the need for a replacement.

    Non-Disruptive: A fuel polishing system is connected directly to the fuel tank so cleaning is continuous and non-disruptive.