Does your fuel tank require a fuel filter.

We supply fuel filters with our range of oil storage tanks and fuel storage tanks.

Fuel Filters

Need a fuel filler for your oil storage tank? E. Fowler & Sons offer our clients an extensive range of fuel filters. We stock filters for diesel fuel tanks and fuel filter cartridges.
Fuel filters are designed to protect the cleanliness of the fuel in your tank. The presence of particles and water can contaminate the fuel. Unfortunately, contaminated fuel, when added to a vehicle, can have dire repercussions. Contaminated fuel can seriously damage a vehicle engine leading to costly repairs and unscheduled downtime.
The fuel filters provided by E. Fowler & Sons help ensure the purity of the fuel while it’s being stored.

Advantages of Fuel Filters

  • Ensures the cleanliness and purity of the fuel that is stored on your site or vehicle depot
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and maintain
  • Available in a range of sizes and types
  • Different filters available depending on the unique requirements of your site or vehicle depot
  • Can be sold alongside a fuel storage tank or retrofitted afterwards

For the best in professional fuel storage supply and installation, get in contact with E. Fowler & Sons today.

Fuel Filters FAQ

  • What type of fuel filters does E. Fowler & Sons provide?

    - Particle Filters
    - Water Filters
    - Heating Oil Tanks Filters
    - Fuel Conditioners
    - Mesh Filters
    - Oil De-Aerators
    - Fuel Tank Water Absorbers

  • How often should I change my fuel filter?

    This depends on the type of fuel filter. Unique fuel filters will have manufacturer guidelines, which will recommend when to replace the filter. If you're not sure when you should replace your filter please get in contact with our filter experts.