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Oil Tank Alarms

E. Fowler & Sons offers clients across Ireland an extensive range of oil tank alarms. We have oil tanks designed for all different sizes and types of oil tanks. Oil tank alarms are precision-engineered warning systems that help prevent thieves from stealing oil. Oil is a valuable resource and, therefore, can be vulnerable. Our alarms can form the first line of defence against potential robberies. All our alarms emit a high-frequency sound that can alert anyone nearby that a tank is being illegally opened.
More so that simply being a warning system, some oil alarms can also monitor the amount of fuel in the tank. It can also warn if a tank is overfilled and let the tank owner know when the tank should be refilled.

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Oil Tank Alarms FAQ

  • How much do oil tank alarms cost?

    This depends on the type of tank alarm suitable for your fuel tank. Our experts can recommend the correct tank alarm for the needs of your oil tank.

  • Does an oil tank alarm monitor the fuel in your tank?

    Yes, oil tank alarms usually use a tube inserted into the tanks, which monitors the fuel inside the tank.