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Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery

Pre-Made and Custom Tanks Available

Pre-Made and Custom Tanks Available

E. Fowler & Sons

Errol Fowler & Sons have been manufacturing oil storage tanks to the highest quality since 1972. We have over 70 years of experience in bringing bespoke solutions for your fuel storage requirements. We manufacture a wide range of tanks for to regulation for all applications. Whether it be for fuelling vehicles, feeding generators or heating systems we can manufacture a tank to suit your needs.

Our products can be supplied with a range of accessories including:

  • Pump Houses

  • Fill Point Cabinets

  • Roller Shutter Cabinets

  • Fuel Dispencing Pumps

  • Fuel Polishers

  • Fuel Filters

  • Oil Contents Gauges

  • Fuel Management Systems

  • Tank Alarms

About Us

E. Fowler & Sons specialize in the manufacture and supply of oil storage tanks for a range of purposes, from domestic central heating oil storage tanks to specialist bunded generator feed tanks, and bunded tanks for the safe storage and dispensing of fuel oils such as agricultural fuel, diesel, kerosene, lube oil and waste oil.

At E. Fowler & Sons we have over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing and fitting oil storage tanks. Each of our tanks is built to the highest specification and to regulation. We can engineer tanks to suit individual requirements, domestic, industrial and environmental. We also provide a fitting service including oil transfer, removal and decommissioning of old tanks.

oil tanks

Oil Storage Tanks

E. Fowler & Sons provide our clients with a range of bunded oil tanks. Our oil tanks are designed to safely and effectively store hazardous material.

fuel tanks

Fuel Dispensing Tanks

For the safe and effective refuelling of vehicles, contact E. Fowler & Sons to discuss our range of Fuel Dispensing Tanks. Our tanks can be fitted with a wide variety of fuel pumps and fuel management systems.

Tank Accessories

Tank Accessories

From our tank depot, we supply a comprehensive range of tank accessories, including pump houses. Fuel filters, fuel polishers, tanks alarms, fuel dispensing pumps, etc.

Order Tanks online

Order online

Interested in ordering one of our tanks online? See our order online page. It contains a comprehensive range of tanks. For additional information on any of our tanks get in contact with us today.