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Dymac Global Agent

E. Fowler & Sons are global agents for Dymac global.
Dymac global is a globally recognised company that manufacture some of the world’s very best bunded steel tanks and auxiliary dispensing equipment. Their auxiliary dispensing equipment is designed to safely store and handle hazardous liquids and industrial lubricants.
Dymax global is also recognised for its Ace Cube brand of tanks. These truly innovative and industry-leading tanks were developed in-house by Dymac Global’s own team of engineers. Developed back in 2007, their range of ace cube tanks have been refined and upgraded to remain a market leader.

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About Dymac Global

E. Fowler & Sons is a Dymac Global distributor. We have partnered with Dymac Global as they are the leader in the field of fuel storage tanks. As a Dymac Global agent, we can supply our Irish clients with world-class storage tanks.
Dymac Global was established in 2007. Their team of engineers went about designing fuel tanks that were adaptable, versatile and most importantly reliable. They developed the now-industry leading ace cube brand of tanks.
These bunded storage tanks are made from the highest standard materials and are designed for use in a variety of different industries.

Some of the many advantages of Ace Cube tanks include:

  • Their ease of use

  • Easy to clean

  • Compatible with the vast majority of industry dispensing equipment

  • Easy to transport

As Dymac Global Distributor’s we supply and fit a range of Ace Cube Tanks. View or range in our online store or contact our offices today.

Dymac Global Agent FAQ

  • What Dymac Global products do you sell?

    We sell the Ace Cube range of tanks, including

    - AC-RT-950L
    - ACV-950L
    - ACV-4500L
    - ACV-2000L
    - ACV-3000L

    Contact us today for more information on any of these bunded tanks.

  • Do you also install Dymac Global tanks?

    Yes, as Dymac Global agents, we supply and install bunded tanks in industrial properties all over Ireland.